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We are introducing the acknowledging and innovative online platform for pet lovers and their interest towards animals. We love our pets, didn't we? So aspiring to create the safest place to sell the pets online in the most convenient way by knowing the buyers' behavior itself. Everyone knows pets are great to be around home. The nature of pets offers a fair companionship, fun, love and comfort nature. By spiritually it is said that pets around home keep you away from the evils and negative power.

Considering the safety facts we provide appropriate communication way between pets buyer and seller through chat. While selling our pet, we get curious that is our pet is going to the safe and secure home. By considering this aspect our platform brings straight forward connection with buyers where you can verify every detail about the buyer and can surely handover pets into a safe home.


We are the one platform for all the pets, pets needs and accessories. Facts need to be admired that, coming India is showing the trend of love and affection towards every pet. Everyone thinks to have a pet as one of the family members and that's what we are inspired to bring the pets loving community from all over India to one platform, where they can buy and sell pets. We are establishing a strong platform which will spread the awareness and .

VISION: how pets are valuable friends of humans in every part India via blogs and forums. We believe that pets should live their life at its best as we do. Pets are our best friends of us so we believe and promote healthy pets ownership.

There are many factors that need to be considered before bringing pets into your home. Everyone who sells or buys a pet must be aware of consumer rights and remedies which ensure that one is well informed and prepared before bringing a pet into the home.

- If you have decided to purchase a pet, then go ahead and know your consumer rights. Buying a pet is one of the responsible decisions for new owners, so it's important for the buyer to know about pet history, obligation and responsibilities of the pet, and protection and feeding resources of a pet which shows relevant you outline while purchasing a pet.

- Sellers are responsible for meeting the buyer's needs. As everyone gets curious about will their pet is going into the safe hands of responsible owner. So sellers need to notify the behaviour and acceptable quality of new pet owner which ensures that pets are going into good hands.

-In addition, the person selling pet is responsible to ensure about an accurate description of pet which is displayed on website and it is necessary for matching the buyer's needs. So further it guarantees about pet information which is a confirmation for a new owner.

-Both buyer and seller should be aware of pet health conditions and history of pet, should have contacts of qualified vets if the pet needs emergency treatment, and availability of feeding resources which are considered for the healthy and friendly life of the pet.


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