Honestly speaking there is either no answers or a million answers to this question. People can either be completely transparent about their feeling and how they have changed their lives or they will just advice you to get a pet and feel it yourself. Pets are assumed to make you get back in better health and increased happiness; there is no denying that owning a pet can be really fruitful and fun. Yes as I have seen even you all must have seen that usually the pet owners are more likely to be healthier and happier among those who don’t keep pets. Pet owners are healthier and have great self-content and better accommodated. There are the following points by which you can learn how one can be happy being the owner of a pet.


By having a pet you will realize a development of spiritual confidence into yourself that you will be more conscientious, gregarious and less frightened. You become more responsible towards your life as you have to feed your pet and clean it, make sure it’s been healthy since you got it. If you suffer from mild depression, get a pet and feel unconditional love, this leads to happiness and appreciation for yourself and pet and you become happy.


Whoever composed the saying “Good friends are hard to find”, probably didn’t have a pet. Though you can be happier with your pet that brings you improved health. Unlike your other friends, they are loyal and non-judgmental. They become your best friend, your best companion ever. You will no longer be needed other friends once you start discovering your pet’s amazing moves. They give you love and companionship and make you happier than before.


Having a pet can greatly increase the quality of your life. They can be best at providing emotional support to you or anyone socially even to many those who are fighting with significant health issues. In this way you will start rely on your pet more when your social support is poorer as it will fulfill your social needs better. They ultimately boost your social life and that makes you happier.


Researchers have found that pets can make people feel better especially the young generation after they feel turndown at any stage of life. In this time of rejection you will get more close to your pet rather going to your friends to hold off the feeling of rejection. Having a pet, teaches you so much love and companionship in these development ages. This gives you the sense of happiness and fulfillment.


There is no doubt that pets are powerful forms of stress relief, they can help you lower your stress levels even they can lower your high blood pressure and harmful neurochemicals into your body could help to protect your heart and then you will have a good cardiovascular health. They will also do some enjoyable activities with you to keep you calm and happy. When you play with your pet, dopamine (a neurotransmitter) releases into your brain that increases your energy levels and makes you feel much happier. Observing an aquarium can be more powerful anti-depressent.


Pets can help you beat the blues, yes! If you are suffering from dark times or fighting the blues throughout the year then having a pet can help you improve your mental health and brighten your mood. They will help you build emotional strength and make you a better person.


Since your pet cannot talk to you verbally so you communicate in different ways such as by making gestures or by touching it. This develops your non-vocal communication skills better and that makes you a happy person.


By making you feel that you are desired, pets help you to set an ambition in your life. Maintaining a pet gives you a routine to follow every day. As such you have a reason to get up in the morning. This makes life more meaningful, purposeful and happier.


This one is my personal favorite. Ever wondered how you never got a shot with your crush. What if I tell you to get a pet along with you as an ice breaker? Well it is true Having a pet actually makes you attractive to the people around you. You seem like to be more friendly, authentic and easier to approach. You can easily talk to strangers with having a pet. By making you attractive, your pet keeps you happier among those who don’t have a pet.


Pets will definitely do the things that annoy you, sometimes they will chew your expensive stuff or will do pee on your carpet. If they do so you need to accept them and forgive. This nature of acceptance and forgiveness spreads into your personal life with other people and that makes to live a happier life.

We know for years, we have kept pets in our home and they have given positive consequences in our lives. A number of benefits are mentioned above and these are enough reasons to love your pet more. If you don’t have a pet I feel you should go and get one to enjoy all the benefits but as I said earlier there are too many reasons and nothing at all. These feelings also vary from people to people. You can get yours only when you own a pet.

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