Have you ever wondered if your pet can dream? Like most of the time our pets are sleeping right? I am pretty sure that this thought might have occurred to you more than once that is it a black out sleep or they are secretly planning your murder (Pun intended). Well for your information pets can dream. Well for you, Dogs dream about their everyday experiences like humans but they sleep more than you do. Most of the people believe that dogs dream like human beings. Even at times you would notice that some dogs during their sleep may tremble, make leg twitches, even may rumble giving the impact that they are dreaming about something they are interested in like you. Next time you see your dog screaming in dream that is probably coming from something you and he did earlier.


Why do dogs dream?

Studies say that at the time of brain development, the brains of dogs are similar as of Humans even their brain wave patterns during sleep are also same, they can even have nightmares but in this situation you should not wake them up, let them sleep and be there to comfort them. You see it will be more surprising if you say that dogs did not dream because according to the sleep researcher that the animals which are simpler and less brainy than dogs assume to dream for example Rats, the same pattern of brain waves appeared in rats during their sleep that obviously makes it the best assumption that other mammals even cats are also dreaming that it looked they were hunting mice in their dreams, so in no way animals dreaming is different from humans. As the same electrical pattern appears in dog’s complex brain and this evidence giving you the idea to assume that dogs dream.


What Do Dogs Dream About?

Well if you think that all your dog dream about is you then I guess you are probably not absolutely right. The dreaming that you do at night is totally associated with the day time activities but what do dogs dream about can only be a guess. Researchers found that the animal is surely thinking of the memories of those events as they happened during the awaken state and that is just what you do when you dream. There is also indication that they dream about dogs common activities like chasing, playing and eating. Sleep experts say dogs dream about their owners even they dream about your face, your smell when they close their silky-lidded eyes. So not only they are dreaming about you but how to make you happy or even how to annoy you. Aww struck moment I guess? One of the biggest reason you should totally get a pet dog.


When Do They Start Dreaming? Right away or Sleep Cycles?

Once you see that dog’s sleep becomes deeper his breathing will become more regular. After a period of 20 minutes you will see for a moderate sized dog his first dream should start. You will experience a change because his breathing will become slight and irregular, he will start scratching or making noise with Rapid Eye Movements (REM) like humans, REM is also the stage of sleep in which one starts dreaming. After sometime you see some odd muscle twitches and can even see the dog’s eyes moving behind its closed lids if you look closely enough that means your dog is probably having some kind of adventure.


What Are The Effects Of Dreaming On Your Pet Dog?

The dogs only initiated the move when the brain entered that stage of sleep associated with dreaming. During the course of their dream chapter, you will see these dogs actually commence to execute the movements that they were carrying out in their dreams. They will be more vigorous and it is normal and natural.


Little Ones Dream A lot More

When it comes to how often dogs dream, apparently size matters but you cannot surely tell why the small dog breeds do dreaming more like your Toy Poodle as it dreams at every 10 minutes but their dream’s duration is shorter while the dogs in bigger size like your Golden Retriever will dream only once in the entire time period of around 90 minutes but will dream longer and in his dream he must be chasing some ball around. Dreaming oftentimes also assume to happen in puppies as they are still learning many things about the world and they have short memory.



 If you have ever been desired to wake your dog during a dream, try and abstain from doing so. It’s best to “let sleeping dogs lie”. Dogs like humans, need peaceful sleep for fresh mental activity. The psychologist also offered instruction to pet keepers who want to make certain their animals have good dreams.  No matter what are dogs dream about there is always some pleasure observing that they have dreams and fears that play out in their sleep making you more alike than different.

Well the next time you see your dog sleeping do not disturb him. He is probably planning and trying out new ideas to make your happier.

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