How important time is for you pets?

Have you ever wondered what do ‘we’ as human beings crave the most? Most of us would probably say money. Not really judging anyone, this may actually be quite easy to pick on as money means everything in today’s world. Whatever are your desires they either directly or indirectly link to this. I am pretty sure that very few of you understand and value the concept that money cannot buy everything.

Just like human beings animals are do think a lot. To them these monetary terms and things means nothing. They may enjoy this stuff with you for a while but at the end all they need is you around. They might sit around for hours and hours just to make sure they get enough time with you.

You might think that your pet does not what time it is or importance of time in terms of bonding is. Well I am more than happy to inform you that the animals no matter who are they cats, dogs, birds etc. they care they understand and they value your moves. I first began to realize this by changing behavior of my pet. Not to brag but I was a nerd back in high and middle school. I am into animals since forever so I always had a pet by myside some of them left me and some of them were forced to left me.Nevertheless I still loved them all of them. The thing was back in high school I was pre occupied with a lot of things. Not just the regular studies. I had to keep up with gym and extra classes as it was almost college year. This lead to literally no time for myself and specially my pets. When I used to come home he used to greet me and after a few seconds I am upstairs snoozing off or working as hard as I can.

But then after all this madness I had this huge break between college and high school. I had a part time job and all the time in world for my pet. I cannot tell you what impact this huge time had on not only my pet but me also.

Over past the few months my pet’s health was dropped without any reason. I began to realise the only reason was that I was feeding him when I thought he was hungry, which was literally once in a day. He hadn’t seen the day light or parks in a year almost. I started taking him out for walks daily. He not only enjoys it but make sure that he makes me a part of this too. I cannot explain the joy I see on his face when I take him out with.

Basically the importance of time for your pets goes down to just one single factor which is nothing but the bonding. Spending time with him made me realize what basic needs of my pet I was ignoring all this time. Turns out there were many things that I had absolutely no idea my pet is,

Mood Boaster

Did I tell you that your pet is an amazing mind boaster? If you are down be it heart break or a pocket break, I dare you to spend 15 minutes with your pet and see the change. Their unconditional love and selfless nature will not only make you fall in love with them. But will keep you so occupied with them that you will forgot all other things. They make sure that everyone around them is as happy as they are. And tell me how you can not melt down when you see those big eyes looking straight inside your heart.

Exercise Buddy

Well well blessed for life. After continuous efforts and facing a lot of dramas that my friends offer every now and then I am finally done for life. Turns out the bud I was on the lookout for since forever was sitting home waiting for me to notice. Now the thing about pets is that they love totally love getting into physical activities. You can take them for hour’s long walk and they will still be happy. I am telling you those little legs are your perfect fitness partners.


I need not write out this one. We all have been at a position where we get home hug our pets and try not to cry our heart out. Animals have this soft corner in their heart and their vibes are much more stronger than ours. Though they understand less but they can sense pain from afar. Pets offer you that kind of love that you crave for and for some reason the bonding factor makes sure that your pet is the ultimate friend you need in hard times. Trust me they are always there to listen to make sure that you are okay.

This list can go on and on without an end. Simply the more time you spend with your pets the better you understand them. The better you seen what amazing creatures are they and what were you lacking on for a very long time. In addition to that we all need to time and we all need someone to value us. Be that someone for your pets. They need you always.

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