How Owning A Dog Can Change Your Life

Remember how your friends/Family/ Colleagues always brag about how a pet has changed them and their lives in both ways. Well this I true. Pets are just like humans. Just like your roommate might affect your life similarly owning a pet is no different.

You must be aware of the puppy affection which is beyond the young love affair. It is the love between a person and his or her tail-wager. As every puppy lover knows pooch companions make for some of the best companions we could wish for. They will entertain you, will kiss and hug you, listen to us and make us feel most special person on planet Earth.

Considering Your Dog Is The Most Amazing Thing In The Whole Wide World:

The very common puppy thing is that they will never pass up the opportunity to cuddle and play with you. When you come back after a long tiring day from office or school, they always give you the warmest welcome every time by licking your face, showing that how much they missed you the whole day. They appear all the time just to make you feel they love you so much. They are quiet and tolerant when they need to be and they are continually reminding you that this world we live in is marvelous. All they really have to do to illuminate your day just to look at you with that cute face. You can depend on them to be there no matter what and they also know that they too depend on you because you are their absolute best partner. Your pup makes your morning 100% better by just greeting you with that little cheerful face. No matter how big your buddy gets or how gray its trunk gets you will always carry him. It’s always ready to make you feel proud of it and it will always love you for everything you are. Buy pets online today from


Your Ultimate Smile Secret:

The moment you lay eyes on your puppy for the first time, for sure you smile. And as the time passes the bond between both of you become strong and when it turns into the part of your home, you smile more and more. Whatever it does, you smile whether it does something cute or does it go potty outside, you smile. When they are tired, they walk over and snuggle in your lap, you smile. Even if they irritate you or break something important, you smile (after sometime of not smiling).

Having Your Own Secret Language Of Love And Much More:

It is not usually a complimentary voice but they have bumbling voice that only you can understand. Mostly you don’t make your puppy an intellectual as they are good as puppet and play well.


Your Sleeping Partner :

This is something really amazing to try. You must try this and you will see how it changes your life. If you attempt this it eventually becomes important to sleep with your dog, you will not sleep unless someone cuddle up over your head and even kick on your face while sleeping.


Your Personal Anger Management Guru:

It would be silly to say that you never get angry on your puppy despite of loving it so much. Of course sometimes you will be pissed off or you piss it off too and that is fine in fact it is healthy like in every relationship as in you are parent and it is like your kid. Sometimes it wants to play with you but you are willing to watch television and then puppy is super pissed. Sometimes you want to hold your puppy all the time and at times you don’t even want pick its shit or 10,000 pieces of magazines from the carpet.


Bringing Out The Emotions In You:

Even after your little buddy just destroyed your favorite book or your favorite toy, will you forgive him easily? I think yes because you will think it’s your fault. You did not take it for a walk the whole day; you did not play with it. It is just a poor pup.



For anything in life you can’t be irritating and frustrating all the time. It is not healthy. With your dog you definitely learn to forget and forgive because I feel it’s like your kid and you get mad, clean up, hug and forgive. The same thing you start doing with other relationships. After the puppy did something annoying, you punish him but at the same time you cuddle and hug your puppy. You will not get tired of rubbing its belly all the time because you know, it deserves this and you should make him realize that how much you love it because let’s be reasonable it loves too you so much.

Your Dog Can Make You Healthy:

There is no doubt to say that dogs keep you healthy in some ways. They lower your blood pressure and anxiety levels. They boost up your immunity. Studies say when dog looks at its owner; its brain secretes some substance which is the same as ours when we love someone. So they should be treated as such.



You must went out before you got your puppy like on dinners or movies but when you have a pet to look after you need to be there for them. Like you would not like to be in a crate all the time just because you have to stay alone then why should your puppy? That isn’t life about especially when you work all day. Your dog is your responsibility and you have to step out to give it a proper time and they will love you for it.



It is true from the first time you saw your puppy, you fell in love but having it all the time with you make you fall in love again and again with it. It becomes the part of your family and helps you to make your house a home.

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