How Pets Help You Grow As A Person

Have you ever asked yourself that why exactly do you Buy Pet? Most of own these amazing little creatures with the sole idea that they provide us some time away from this extremely stressing and annoying world.

Well in my view or if you do not trust mine many other people (some extremely knowledgeable people like the scientist and all) says and has proven that our pets basically help us to grow as a person. Now what I meant by growing as a person is not about the physical growth. Obviously you will grow taller and fatter with time. But this growth is something else, something really special that may differentiate you from others in time of need.

According to famous child psychologist, Boris Levinson, “A child who is exposed to the emotional experiences inherent in playing with a pet is given many learning opportunities that are essential to wholesome personality development”.  A child in his growing age is often referred to as soft clay; it will be molded as desired. Therefore people say that you need to take extra care of them in this early age and when it comes to personality development be it with one self or with others this require extra care and attention.

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Pets on the other hand help not only your child but also you to grow as a person. People tend to pick up various traits from their pets. Animals as per their natural habitat are very caring and specific to a lot of situations. If you have been a dog person you must have noticed some weird yet good habits that your pet has incorporated in you all these years. As dogs are usually really friendly, their owners usually tend to be more extroverted with time which included them to be more agreeable when compared to other people. Not to mention that dog pets are the most fun pets that exist so the owners of these funny fellows tend to be more fun.

If you own a cat and are worried that what characteristics that bossy furry creature has injected in you then what a coincidence I am about to share some just for you. Cats as mysterious they are tending to inject the same characteristics in their owners too. People who own cats for quite a long time might agree that they are kind of creative and adventurous. As per some researchers people have admitted that cat owners are the best kind of friend one can ask. They are good listeners but are emotionally extremely sensitive and very dependable.

These are just a few examples of what a pet can do to you. You might see a lot of them in you and your particular pet but at the end you will agree that your pet has made some changes in your life that were near to impossible If you were to do this on your own.

Being a pet owner from a really early age let say about 7 I know what traits mine had on me. For some base and backgrounds I was not a friendly person. I had almost zero friends in my school and was super shy. This furry little pet was gifted to me on my 7th birthday and in those days when everyone was getting something of latest technology and extremely cool, this gift did not really made it to the best gift list. Instead I ignored it so much that initially my parents used to take care of the poor fellow. Eventually when all the gadgets broke and It was 6 more months for my next big birthday bash I started noticing this fellow. At first I was reluctant but the amount of unconditional loved he offered me it did not take more than a week for me to melt away. I started taking him out for walks in the park. He was so playful that he attracted strangers and next thing I know I am in gang of people with extremely cute pups. I considered it the best time of the day. I started interacting more and overcame my shyness because of him. In addition to that I made many friends in the park by the time I was 8 I had a huge number of friends to select from for the party.

My pet did not only help me overcome this shyness thing but also helped me with some feelings which I never paid attention too. He was so compassionate that he actually made me the same. I started caring and feeling for everyone because of that young guy. His unconditional love for everyone helped me to learn that you should not expect but only give and give. Who I am right now and what people love me for who I have become over all these years, I owe it, I owe each and every bit of it to my pet ,For he has incorporated his traits in me and loved me with all my flaws. He accepted me and helped me grow as person. A person who is innocent yet sharp, offers unconditional love yet choosy about people and lastly who can sense people vibes in seconds.

Many of us may ignore this but we owe so much to these creatures not only for making our lives better but also for making us better. So how about you take a moment to appreciate all they have and done for you and promise to do for you without expecting anything in return. Time to hug your pets mate!

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