Let’s Have a Pet- 7 Things to Consider Before Getting A Pet

This is no news we all know almost everyone around us wants to or plans to Adopt Pets especially our young members of this generation. They crave to have one but their parents are often resistant with these decisions and don’t get them easily but most of us including me had those parents who were extremely supportive with my demand and needs. Anyway we all know that there are many different kinds of pets available. Unlike my parents I was not aware of what one must consider before taking this big decision. While my parents were of this view that you must think if you really want a pet as it’s a long-term commitment, animals live for years and years. They will need everything, your time, money and most importantly care.

I will never forget the day when my parent got me this cat. It was an amazing feeling of actually owning someone as if it is your companion.

1.   Deciding On What To Get

Firstly, you should decide that what kind of pet you want. It can be anything either a Fish, Bird, Dog and Cat anything. Dogs and cats are the most popular pets all over the world. Your house, How much space is there in your house but a pet doesn’t necessarily live in the house so that is again relevant for some parts. They can live in a stable outdoor enclosure of some kind, will you have enough money throughout the time to feed your pet properly, to take care of it and don’t forget all veteran expenses. Besides all this you need to give it all your attention and your time. You will have to change your schedule and design one as per your pet needs. For instance one should wake up early to take care of his pet before leaving for school. You choice may depend on the maintenance also like some will require very little maintenance (example: fish, Parrots etc.) while on the other hand some will take up quite a bit of your time (example: Dogs, Horse, etc.) so depending how much time are you willing to invest and what maintenance it requires is again a great question while making the decision.

2.   The Affect

Secondly you must know that how your pet may affect you and your family. The pet you are going to have should not harm you or anyone in the family, if anyone of you have any allergy or fear from the respective pet that should be considered too.

3.   The Research

The next big thing “The Research”, it is done basically to collect all the information about the pet you want. How much will it cost to look after your pet? What type of food will it have? Who is going to take care of it when you are not home? How will he sleep? How will you manage when he falls sick? You must discuss with your friend about your pet who already have a pet, they can give you some good advice based on their experiences. Lending a hand to take care a friend’s pet can be helpful too.You can also take help from any pet book, magazine, tv shows or animal videos. The more information you have, the more you can push around your parents.

4.   Get Organized

You need to make sure you are organized. You see it is more like you are going to take care of someone from now on in order to that it is extremely important that you know how to take care of yourself. You should make notes of all the relevant information so that you don’t miss anything of it and be prepared for the future..

5.   Is Your Home Ideal for a Pet?

Well for starters this is simple. When you move into a new house you change it as per your lifestyle right? The same goes with pets. You need to understand that they come from a different environment. You must make sure your home is ideal for them if not somewhere around it then. Now you can do it in several ways getting cage for your parrot with leaves and all or maybe getting a super soft pillow for your cat to sleep on. It all varies from animals to animals but it majorly affects their behavior towards you.

6.     Patience

Owning a pet is no easy deal. One must master the arts of patience. It starts right from the day you get that little fellow to you home sweet home. It goes on when you fast start training them to either sit or to leave the house when they need to excrete. It all requires effort but above all being a pet owner is more like a teacher. You should be willing to teach him everything and with patience. You must know that there will be times when this will be very hard but you have to be patient with it.

7.    Long term Commitment

This is by far the most important thing you should consider before getting a pet. Getting a pet is long term commitment. It starts from the very first day and it requires everything you have to offer. Before taking this decision make sure that you can do this? Because that creature will solely rely on you and you should be willing to provide him unconditional love and care.

Despite of all the considerations, having a pet is indeed on of the best feeling one can have. If you think you have considered all the seven things mentioned about then what are you waiting for? It is time to get someone home.

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