Moving Guide: Moving With Pet

It's moving day for you and your pet! Your house is packed up and you are waiting for the movers to arrive. You have reviewed your pre-moving day pet checklist ... new pet ID tags - check, pet travel carrier- check, booked hotels and pet-friendly accommodations - check, etc. ... although the pre moving steps are essential to help ensure stress free movement for you and your pet, you are not out of the woods yet!

Here are the top 5 moving day tips for pets:

1. Keep your Pet Safe and Protected: this is equally important when you move out from your previous home AND move to your new home. With all the noise, the open door and the potential chaos that comes with physical movement, it is important to make sure your pet is safe, happy and secure. Place your pet in a quiet and safe place. The place you select should be a place with which they are familiar and comfortable. You must make sure that they are not capable to escape during the movement. If you put your pet in a room, be sure to put a sign on the door that warns others not to enter. Another great option is for your pet to stay at the home of a friend or relative or at your favourite pet day care on the day of transfer.

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2. Check on Them Regularly: if your pet is at home on the day of the move, be sure to visit them regularly during the day. Maintain their regular routine for feeding, walking, bathroom break and loving.

3. Familiar Surrounding at New Home: One of the best ways to help your pet feel more comfortable in their new home is to have their "stuffs" in it before presenting your cat or other furry member of your family in their (your ) new place. Whether it's their favourite chair, cat bed, rug, toys or all of the above, surround your pet with familiar things. Be prepared with all the necessary items that your pet will need from the first day in your new home

4. Keep your Pets On - Leash: We've heard so many tragic stories about pets escaping when they move into a new home. Pet parents should be aware that even cats that are excellent under voice control can be easily distracted in a new neighbourhood and in a new environment. Please keep your pet leashed or secured in a fenced yard when you are not at home, at least until they have shown to you to be comfortable in their new environment.

5. Better Safe than Sorry: You hate to think about this, but in the unfortunate event that your pet runs off; have a recent picture of your pet handy. In addition to your pet's identification tag and microchip, a photo of your pet will also help ensure a safe return home of your pet.

And do not forget to have calm energy. Our pets pick up our emotions ... deep breaths. Moving with your pet is a pet travel adventure, a new beginning: embrace it and enjoy it with your pet!

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