If you are expecting a baby you will have number of things to worry about. And when this thing comes to pet lover you will totally agree with me. Having a baby is itself a chaos and trying to create a bond between your pet and your baby is whole different story. There will be a lot of factors to consider. I have lined up a few for you. They might be really helpful or vice versa.


The most important factor to make your pet get along with your baby is to prepare yourself mentally. Yes, you must be prepared with all the aspects. When my friend found out that she is pregnant, she got very nervous as well as anxious which is so natural in this situation. She was already a pet owner and was worried how will pet get along with her new born baby, but she kept herself absolutely calm and composed. Because stressing out is really no solution. Not for you not for the baby and not for the pet definitely. Buy pets online for your new born baby today.


You will need to prepare your pet for this. This includes everything from training to vaccinations. All of it. Like I witnessed my friend, how she managed to do so with a bit of planning when she delivered a baby. Luckily it was not that difficult to make even her most stubborn pet to make an effortless changeover from living in a baby free household to dwelling in a house where the central concentration is on a crying and a demanding new born. Your pet may realize once you start preparation for your being unborn so be conscious for your pet needs and more responsive to it, in most of the cases, cats and dogs get stressed and uneasy in this situation. Constantly help it get used to the feeling that a baby is on the way and most importantly give it time to conform. You should never scold or punish your pet in the presence of your baby, that will make it more aggressive and cause problem for you and your baby. Besides this teach your pet that some areas (especially baby sleeping area) are off limits.


Though it is very important for you to be available for your pet because most of the pet owners can’t focus on the same amount of availability for the pet when they have to look after a child but what I have seen that pets always remain their first child. Since my friend was a working woman and now the new concentration is her new born so it was a life changing situation for her.


You realize soon that you will have limited time to spend with your pet after the baby arrives, so why not get the pet used to the concept early? Exercise and everyday’s general activities should be pre-adjusted. I recommend this for women that if they go out take a stroller with you and make a baby doll lie on it so that your pet can sense that it won’t just be the two of you for a walk. Build this routine for daily basis. It will not only help you when the baby but also the pet to acknowledge this.


It is very important to introduce your baby to your pet even her scent before you bring her home. For instance, send home a receiving blanket or a piece of cloth so that the pet can scrutinize it. When you come home from hospital, let someone else hold your baby and you greet your pet with a calm manner, you must be exhausted but you can give your pet ten minutes of attention. It is common for a pet to be jealous of the new addition in the family. Continue to give your enough time to your pet both whether you are with your baby or having some alone time with your pet. This will minimize the jealous behavior of the pet. Your approach towards your pet is important during this period because it will

ensures that your pet remains a cherished member of the family.        


Animals are unexpected and babies make unusual movement which may frighten the pets. So it is necessary that you should always be present there when the pet is around with your baby. You should know that pets can pass on infectious material into your baby's mouth so when your baby is young I would recommend you that don’t allow your pet to lick your baby's face but when your baby become older she can play with it as her immune system gets stronger with the time even be licked by it. You should keep your baby off the floor when your pet is around.


According to the latest research, babies grow with the pet around them are healthier than the babies who live in a pet free house. It will surely lower the risk of many allergies and infections among the babies living with the pets especially dogs and cats so there is no need to get rid of your pet when your baby is arriving.

Even with the precise preparation many of the pets may show aggression seeing you with some baby, try to understand their behavior and if required see veterinarian he can better figure out the nature of the aggression and the best means of treatment or therapy. You will need to mingle your pet around children in a positive and cool environment and some other remedies. But having pet while your baby grown can teach him things which you wont be able to do. So I guess its worth an effort

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