Right Age To Buy And Sell Puppies

Whoever said you cannot buy happiness has definitely forgo little puppies.If this picture did not get you aww- struck then I am pretty sure that you forgot your pills this morning or you just need a doctor’s appointment.  So let me introduce you all to these adorable teeny tiny creatures. They are triplets  for me by the way. Well these are Max, Jessy And Ira (Starting from left to right). I know you must be thinking I got these cuties home with me but no that did not happen and to your surprise I am very glad it did not though not to ignore that I literally begged my friend so that I can keep Ira. She was so playful and cute as you can see for sure. Anyway last week I was visiting this really old childhood friend of me at her place it was sort of a school mini re union as it was just our gang that where I happened to land my eyes on them, love/crush/aww-struck all at the same time I tell. They are 6 days old babies. Now the thing with babies is that no matter they are of what living being they happen to have this certain vibe which gets you hook on them so you fall in either of the zones which are either you are completely in love with them or you just don not care.

Well the good part that I did not get to bring them home has not even begin yet. So once I was home I was tired and had almost forgotten about them the next morning was a holiday for me as I was not feeling well, I started recalling yesterday and how fun it was where it struck me Oh the pups I miss them man. So I decided in that leisure day that it is about time I share my room with somebody who I love from the core of my heart. So what do I do? Who do I call? The animal shelter? The pet store? In all this confusion struck me an amazing idea. I called up one of my very dear friend who is a veteran and asked her if she can do me this favor of getting baby pup for me, she was so humble on call she said she would love to but right after she asked if I wanted to have one right now I need to meet her at the Animal shelter she was currently working. Of course I agreed to it right away, I got up put on a nice dress so that I look like I can take care of myself and him too right? Well in about 30 mins (Thanks to the traffic) I was there at the animal shelter, I love the place since forever. Well after the meet greet she took me to this long walk at first I thought she was offering me to adopt any animal I want so I was more interested in looking at them rather than hearing her. Well doctors, they sense you and she did. She was reluctant to talk about the only reason I was there instead she made me walk around the whole place and showed all the animals and how they were behaving.

After about 20 more mins we sat down at this office she was given by the shelter people and my the real talk begin. Well for starters and the biggest news for me was that it is literally forbidden by law to own a 6 days old, turns out you can not sale or Buy Pets unless it is more than 7 weeks. Yeah my  friend technically has illegal pets now imagine how happy I am I did not come home with one of them the other day.She literally informed me that even if someone calls you up and tells that this puppy is available never ever go for them, chances are that they might be in some kind of trauma either of losing the mother of littermates but dealing with traumas is no easy job. Moving on she explained me how and why this upto 7 week adoption/buying/selling ban came into existence. Animals in general and puppies in particular are extremely sensitive both mentally and physically in their early days, they tend to adopt the surroundings , become a quick learner and moreover try to become more attached to their surroudings in biological terms this is has to do with the innate behavior roughly all animals have them. They say the first six months of the puppy is like the building block of the rest of the life and let us be honest in the unstoppable and extremely fast world we hardly get time to mend ourselves how do you think you can spare time for that little fellow? Secondly at the end of the day it is still a child to its mother, it needs that natural bond, that security that only a mother can provide  you can try the hardest but with a job and life can you be a mother to that mate? Certainly not. And lastly the expense for the majority of you money might not be a problem but again it is just not the money it Is far more than money. It is more about investing time in them. A six day old puppy is not different than a human baby, it will require the same attention. At that early age he will spend most of its time sleeping, he will eat special food and top of it he will be using pampers too . YES dog pads to be precise. And to a cherry on your newly born puppy will need all the medical attention as well, yes all those vaccines and everything. Money is still isn’t a issue or is it?

Well to some up everything she said she added that the perfect age of adopting/buying/selling a puppy is 8 weeks. At this age of the puppy’s life is the time when he learns to bond with people. Most puppies join a human family during this stage, and learn how to interact with people, as well as the rules of the house. Puppies are very trainable at this age. They are also very impressionable, especially during the 8 to 10 week period, when they go through a fear stage. A bad experience during this stage can affect a puppy for the rest of his life. So in case you are thinking the care part can be neglected I would like you to reconsider. And yes by all means follow the laws . It will be legal at that time so it is advisable to take that into consideration. Why? The law will certainly not see my dog national identity card. Well to your surprise there is proper registration and sale deed when you get any animal at your place. And you never know when the tables are turned against you. And in such a country with no power chances of winning are really really slim.

Although bringing a pup home between the ages of 8 to 12 weeks is ideal, older puppies should not be discounted they are desirable in their own little ways. With older puppy you might get some sort of relaxation of caring element ,Of course that too will be depending on how the dog was raised, you may have to deal with some behavioral issues, such as lack of housebreaking or no obedience training or excess touches or biting habits or food bowl sizes. On the other hand, you may find that you’ve skipped the chewing stage, and have a dog who is more mature, with a longer attention span and yes who is again just as good as any 6 week old. You may even end up with an older pup who has already been well trained and socialized. Before I conclude it you should understand “Bringing home a puppy is a commitment”, whether that dog has just left his mother or is growing close to adulthood. No matter what age, every puppy needs socialization and consistent training to help grow up to the best dog he can be. So at the end of the day it is just your effects which might reflect in him one day. You can either train him or put the blame on its creed like all the other trainers do when they fail to give them time and expect that through some magical powers they will be getting the kind of dog they have been fantasizing since forever.

Ending it on an extremely positive note I am finally not living alone. I have an amazingly cute little thing to share my apartment, Yes I went for a 8 week cutie Bella (Husky). This week has been really challenging with her but we are friends now I guess. But did I tell you I am absolutely in love with her. 


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