Top 8 Benefits of Doggy Day Care

Enrolling your dog in daycare can enrich their life in many ways. Similar to children who attend child daycare, pups that attend doggie day care learn skills that help them throughout their life. 

When your busy schedule requires you to spend time away from your furry friend, treat them to an engaging doggy day care program and you’ll both enjoy these benefits.

1. Socialization

Group play helps dogs build their tolerance of environmental stimuli and teaches them how to effectively communicate with one another. Dogs who get to socialize regularly become less reactive when meeting new dogs as well as new people on walks, at the dog park, and anywhere they may encounter new potential friends on your various adventures.

2. Activity

Dogs that get plenty of exercise have been shown to live happier, healthier lives. Doggy daycare programs can be tailored to fit your dog’s energy level, so whether you have a young puppy with seemingly endless energy or a mature dog that prefers a leisurely stroll, they get just the right amount of exercise to keep their tail wagging happily.

3. Reduce Boredom and Anxiety

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or simply gets bored when they’re home alone for too long, daycare is a great way to relieve their stress and keep them out of trouble.

4. Keep Them Safe

While your dog is at daycare, they will be under the supervision of trained staff that truly love to work with dogs. You’ll be able to focus on your work knowing your pup is getting lots of human affection and guidance on how to improve their dog-to-dog communication skills in a safe environment. Facilities with live-streaming cameras will allow you to check in on your pup anytime you miss them or start wondering what they’re up to.

5. Understanding

At the end of each day, your pet will come home with a report card giving you valuable insight into how their day went, areas where they’re excelling, and even behaviors you may want to focus on in training. This feedback will help you strengthen your relationship with your favorite 4-legged friend.

6. Maintain a Peaceful Home Environment

Dogs that spend lots of time home alone can begin to develop destructive behaviors such as chewing couches and shoes, or relieving themselves on your carpets. Dogs are pack animals and enjoy companionship, so limiting their time spent alone in your house can help maintain a serene environment in your home. It can even improve your relationship with neighbors if your dog is prone to excessive barking.

7. Flexibility

Knowing you have a place to bring your pet that they enjoy being at will give you more flexibility when unexpected things pop up. Whether you need a handyman to come by and fix something while you’re at work, you have visitors staying with you from out of town, or you’re painting part of your house and need to give the walls time to dry, having a go-to daycare facility where you can bring your dog will give you peace of mind. It will also prepare your favorite canine for a successful dog boarding experience when you need to travel out of town.

8. Reduce Guilt

Imagine your dog excitedly greeting their friends as you drop them off at daycare instead of pulling on your heartstrings with their sad eyes as you walk out the door for work in the morning. You’ll feel good knowing your pup is having fun at doggy day care rather than feeling anxious at home alone, win win!

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