What Your Child Can Learn From Dogs

There are many benefits that come from owning a pet. Your child’s emotional fundamental and physical skills needs can be accomplished by a pet that contains soothing a touch, love and care. Studies also suggested that kids having dog-possessing parents from an age of 1 year will have less ear infections and respiratory infections and will have less antibiotics because this exposure to pets triggers the immune system of  your child.

Despite of the amazing things that your child can learn from owning a pet some of the most important and basic things are as follows,

  • COMPASION: Caring for any pet needs compassion, accepting and appreciation. These attributes are usually built in but requires trigger through certain situations that allow you and your child to fully accept and use them. Being around your pet your child will pick up to be generous and to take care of others’ primary needs at a very early age.
  • SORROW:  Sorrow is a very deep word it carries a huge meaning with immense feelings and learning this is always hard. You can incorporate this within your child by owning a pet. Consider this when you own a pet and it dies, your child will surely sense the pain of the accident but consecutively will learn how to get by the bereavement time. The best way to help him learn this is through introducing it at an early age.
  • OBLIGATION: Most people are reluctant to be obliged. Being in a society when loyalty is considered a very pious attribute being obliged to someone sure makes you stand out. When own a certain pet it requires day-to-day cleaning, feeding, exercise and care. It will help your child to take up how to care another existing fellow and how important obligation is for someone else’s life.
  • RESPECT:  Development of respect in your child for the other people is an important factor that makes people judge you and your child’s upbringing. Pets a lot of times have a set of rules within themselves. These rule might be not to bark or yell at strangers for no reason. Quietly walk away and mingle when introduced. Your children are observant and they pick up all the habits including this too.
  • SELF CONTROL: Bonding with a new dog takes a while. Your child may gain patience as long as your dog becomes satisfying in your place and also at the time of training.
  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Owning a dog will show your child how amusing physical activity can be when they play tug –of-war together, retrieve or even go for a walk along with their dog. Research proved that children with the families having a dog as their member consume more time in physical activities than those without dogs.
  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Your dog can be a surprising “ice breaker”. Taking your dog for a walk along with your child can boost your child’s social abilities as you communicate with other new people. Dogs may also help autistic child to develop social skills for instance sharing.



If you have a  child who is in the growing phase like an infant or toddler then obviously they are not considered or expected to take care of pets without any supervision. Although they can help but if your child is small you should know that you’ll be doing most of the pet care. Moreover it will be challenging for you to make a young child understand how to carefully handle a pet or else they will be extremely rough and may injure your pet or even harm themselves in certain situations.


Having said that, even if your child carries out the duties, only bring dog to your house if you are ready to embrace their care if your child does not. If you conclude that your child is ready for a pet resist the impulse to give them a surprise. Rather, associate your child in every step of the procedure including choosing the perfect pet for your child.This might not only enhance the process of learning but will be an amazing bonding experience between you two.



It is totally count on the age of your child and your family passion and way of life. Your one child will be attracted to a small pet like fish that can stay in his room while your other child will be keen to dogs or cats. Besides this all of them will require great accountability and responsibility and obviously if you own a dog will need a deep attention.

If you and your child conclude to have a dog, the following dog breeds are famous for kids:

  1. Golden Retriever
  2. Labrador Retriever
  3. Vizsla
  4. Bull Terrier
  5. Poodle
  6. Collie
  7. Irish Setter
  8. Bulldog
  9. Newfoundland
  10. Beagle

But if your child is a bit shy you can try out with a couple of cute kittens, they are easy to care and extremely possessive. You might want to explore your options with a range of birds at hand. Parrots being the most common. Easy and fun to keep. Apart from all this never be afraid to try. All animals has a set of value that might help your children learn a thing or two but most importantly it will help your child selfless love.

An Important Take Away: Other acclaimed advantages consist of somewhat reduced chance of and ever improved ranks at school, apparently because having a dog gives greater encouragement.

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